SAY HELLO... the big little world of local shopping and your own brand, Independent. Independent has been created just for stores like yours, and each product has been carefully chosen to make sure the quality is tip top.



Independent is an alternative to big brands, giving people high-quality products at great-value prices. All from a local store they know and trust. If Independent were a person, it would be a true individual, standing out from the crowd and standing up for others. An everyday kind of guy who says it like it is. A big, lively personality, but without the big ego.

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Core Range products


The core range is where most of the products currently sit. It includes high-quality products from cupboard and fridge fillers to ready meals and household. It's recognisable from its sky backgrounds and stand out packaging.

Independent Range products


For shoppers on a budget, the Trader range has everyday essentials at great value prices. Trader packs are white, with simple illustrations in bright colours.

Specialist Range products


And at the top end, the Specialist range includes extra-special products from carefully sourced suppliers. Its packaging is darker, with lots of focus on where the ingredients are from.

Benefits of Costcutter Independent

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